a lost science

Today we logged our 50th day of school for the year. I feel like we’ve settled into a good routine. In addition to our monthly calendar books, all three boys have reading, writing (copywork), and math work daily. My daughter, who is in 7th grade, has reading, writing (cursive), math, language arts, Bible, and science. I’ve never done a science curriculum with my kids, but I wanted her to have exposure to normal science concepts and terms. She also has a Test Prep book from Barnes and Noble that she works on here and there.

Monday was fun. All of us were cheerful and glad to be in school. School attitudes are actually consistently good. We’ve had harder years with more struggles and tears. The homeschool dynamic of “mom as teacher” puts us all in a position where we need to be more mindful of that balance between encouraging, providing a challenge, and yet, not pushing too hard. My children and I meet each other daily where we’re at, and within that arrangement we all stand tall. Every so often someone has an off or bad day, and I occasionally must redirect a child back to his work, but other that, school isn’t a fight.


There are, as there will be, fights about other things. Kids occasionally get too caught up in each other’s business or get to where they can’t work alone through a conflict. Chores, like yesterday, still need to be done every day. I tire of these times, as all mothers do.


My school goal for November is to keep the school room joyful and lively. The boys have been collecting wood and making fires. We’re talking about and planning our family’s upcoming Thanksgiving. Boston Pop’s Sleigh Ride has started playing from my phone.

The meal plan for this week is going well and I’m on the third day of my gluten elimination. I’m pretty sure this is going to be a permanent change for me. I have not given up, however, on the 5-gallon bucket of red wheat berries from last year. I plan to use it to experiment with another sourdough starter, to see if it makes a difference.

Day light savings gave us different hours of sunlight. I like the fall back much, much better than the spring forward. I enjoy the extra hour of daylight in the mornings, even though that means the night comes sooner. It’s 3:35 and the sun is already starting to set. The boys are out in a leaf pile.



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