circling back around

I’ve got some housework that needs to get done today. My focus this week has been on school work and kitchen work, and while it seems like kitchen work would be included in housework, it’s really not.

This weekend I’m attending an all-day essential oils conference in town. I told my son this and he said, “That exists?” and I said, “Yes, it exists”. Don’t laugh. Because I’m not an entrepreneur, I can’t bring myself to become a seller. But I don’t mind buying them and learning more about what they can be used for.  I’ve had my diffuser going daily for weeks and I love how the clean smells make me feel happy. I’m convinced smell is the most underutilized and underappreciated of all five senses.  What really caught my attention while reading about essential oils is how smells have a direct connection to the parts of the brain associated with emotion and memory.

A friend told me she’d read a Facebook meme saying you can have two of the following things but you can’t have all of them: Sanity, happy kids, and a clean house. I get what they’re saying and find it to be mostly true, but what if a clean house is also tied to your sanity?  I’ve also read a mother is only as happy as her saddest child. Amen. Then you’ve got the added pressure of “If mama ain’t happy then nobody’s happy” and we’re back to nobody being happy again. This is probably why they also say happiness isn’t everything, and shouldn’t be the primary goal of our lives. Where then does that leave us? I’m not the one to tell you that, but God is good, and Jesus reigns.




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