trust and plans

Yesterday afternoon I visited the mother of one of my high-school friends. Because this friend was now a once divorced, now happily remarried man, I wondered weather or not it was appropriate to seek this woman out. I’d learned she and her husband lived only twenty minutes away, and it seemed a shame to not be in touch with someone who had once been such a strong Christian presence in my life.

One of the first things we did was crack up about how old she was. No. You. Are. Not. There was absolutely no way she was 71! Turns out, however it made perfect sense.  At 51 when I was in high school, I remember her being one of the “older” moms. Because I met my husband at camp while in high school, he knew all about my “other” high school life. The people, names, and stories are familiar to him. He had no problem with me going, and I’m grateful for that because we had a great time.

The essential oils conference is today and then I’m heading up to visit one of my sisters. Me and my other sister are going to ride up together. We got a call that my-brother-in-law had taken her to the E.R. and she was being admitted to the psychiatric hospital. I don’t know too much more than that and still don’t really have a grasp of what is going on with her. I’ve been a little shook up by this, and to me it just reiterates the importance of checking in our your people. Don’t assume everything is okay.

God is good, friends, and He is able.

God-willing, I should be back Monday morning.

Sat-twice baked potatoes, bacon-wrapped asparagus
*bought from the store

Sun-leftovers, frozen pizza

Mon-Roasted Salmon w/tomatoes and fennel

Tues-Roasted potato & kale hash w/eggs

Wed-Crossroads supper

Thurs-Beef liver & caramelized onions

Fri-Crockpot roast w/olives & mint

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