the quick trip

Today was a catch-up day in the house. We bypassed school and headed straight for the cleaning. We swept, vacuumed, and cleared the clutter from the floors. I put three drops each of rosemary, lemon, and pine in a spray bottle filled with water, and we used that to dust and wipe down chairs, table, and floors that hadn’t been thoroughly washed in months.  A blend of Flu Time and Wild Orange filled the air from my diffuser.

The essential oils conference went well. I’m more interested in learning about individual oils, and I’m a little overwhelmed with all the health products companies have these days. Not just oils, but the bath and beauty items, household cleaners and laundry soap, and now they have all kinds of oral supplements. All of that is too much for me.  I get all the stuff about commercialized agriculture and American soil being chemically depleted of its vitamins and minerals, but I just have to be thankful for our food right now. Give me a few products I can use and fall in love with, and gradually we can go from there.


We had a good visit with my sister in the hospital. Three of us other sisters, along with an adorable infant nephew, traveled up early Sunday morning to visit her for the afternoon. They’re wanting to keep her for a few more days and then hopefully send her home sometime mid-week. We left around 4PM, and I ended up getting back late Sunday night, having left earlier than originally planned in order beat the coming snow. I’m at a definite place where missed sleep is going to cost me, but a good night’s sleep was going to cost me even more, in this case, an entire snowy day warm and home with my kids.


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