(getting) ready for thanksgiving

My husband and I, along with the four youngest, made our monstrous Aldi and Sam’s trip this morning. We dropped our oldest off at school at 7:40, then headed into town to shop. Sams is open early, so we did that first. It was only 8:20 by the time we were done there, and since Aldi doesn’t open til 9AM, everyone except me went into Walmart to look for cream of tartar. We use it every year to make play doh for the littles.

While they were in Walmart, I made the grocery list for Aldi. Walmart didn’t end up having cream of tartar, and since we still had about twenty minutes before Aldi opened, I hopped out of the car and ran into Target.  I’d already been in there earlier this month looking at their pajama collection. It’s a family tradition for the kids to get a new pair of jammies for Advent, and I hadn’t yet found any that I liked for them.  They’ve mostly outgrown the sweet baby footies, and as they get older it’s harder to find the “perfect”ones.  They must’ve had a shipment since the last time I was in there because this time I found matching Avengers pajamas for the three smaller boys. For my oldest two I bought a pair of Avengers pajama pants and a fuzzy grey teddy bear pajama set.

(I would’ve bought this shirt weeks ago but they didn’t have my size)

When we got home from Aldi we took the food over to the camp building where all my family will be staying. The kids helped unload and then helped my husband set up tables and chairs. I cleaned out the old food and then put the weekend food into the fridge. When we all got home and after we’d unloaded the rest of the food there, I gave my husband a hug and a kiss. I didn’t express it in words, but I was feeling very thankful for his help and patience through the morning, and for all the money he’d just spent on food.

I’ve been feeling pretty emotional the past several days. The kids recently pulled up a home video I’d recorded when we first moved here. The purpose of the video was to give my grandma a tour of our house since they were pretty sure they wouldn’t ever be able to travel here to see it. I was struck by how much my kids have changed, in their looks and in their voices, even in the short time since we’ve moved here almost four years ago now. They smiled and laughed at seeing themselves, and were absolutely shocked at how messy the house was. I watched and couldn’t believe the hours upon hours upon hours I have spent trying to decorate, purge, clean, and finally make this house a home. Repeat.

My kids are slowly growing up and it’s happening daily before my eyes.

Every year the holidays feel more and more fragile. Everybody’s smaller and individual families are growing and changing. Life seems to be a process of learning more and more how to hold the things and ones we love closely, but loosely.  If you squeeze those shiny round Christmas tree bulbs too hard, they break. And your hand bleeds.

All the other blood is worth it, friends.

A blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours.


One thought on “(getting) ready for thanksgiving

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Blessings.
    I loved how you said the holidays get more fragile as your family grows up. I understand.

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