times we share

The presents are stored in the back of my closet, covered by a red and green tablecloth from grandma’s. I’m probably two-thirds of the way done with my shopping and the ones I have are already wrapped. The decorations, however, are taking longer to come out. December is such a busy-bee home time, it’s easy to have several projects going at once.

The kids have kind of taken the lead this year.  They put the lights on the tree and hung the ornaments themselves. We had our annual go find a Christmas tree night, along with the usual appetizers and music. My mother-in-law gave us a bag full of Christmas crafts, which kept them all busy in the early afternoons. This might have been the first week ever we did an entire week of school in our pajamas, and you know what, it worked.

Life is messy, they say. And it is, and it is. The meal plan last week was “leftovers” from Thanksgiving. The meal plan for this week is “leftovers” from our Christmas tree appetizer night.  I want too bad to have concrete answers, to know when I’m supposed to try hard or let it go. Having now supposedly learned, we change our expectations from wanting everything to be perfect, to finally arriving at some exotic middle ground.


One day at a time is what we have and what we’re given.


Each day is a gift all its own, my friends.

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