the divine scent

Advent comes slowly, and I’m suddenly filled with the desire to say, that if it takes one lone jam-packed month of December to get people finally talking about the darkness, the light, the coming and return of Jesus, then we’ve kind of already missed the point.

I read a blog post by Winn Collier in which he says:

“Advent provides a stretch of days where we catch the divine scent. Advent’s promise is not that we see God, in this precise moment, exactly as we wish. Rather, in Advent we hear that ancient-yet-always-new promise of God’s sure action, God’s cosmic healing. And then with eyes (and maybe the nose) of faith and wonder, we brush against that awakening scent of hope and generosity and righteousness.”

He goes on:

“Advent reminds us that we’re waiting for God. The holy ache in our soul is for God. Our broken heart, our forlorn future, our fears and anxieties and shattered stories and those cannibalistic lies that play in our head day after weary day–these are all signals of how desperate we are for the Adventing One to come and save us. Even our Advent practices, our good attempts (and they are-mostly-good), are not the point. God is the point. After all, my true cry is not for a religious regimen but for the Voice of Love. My fierce need is not for a spiritual discipline but for God.”

I like what he says about catching “the divine scent”.

What, in all this crazy world, did God smell like?

My fierce need is for God, and the need is fierce.

We are waiting for God and then He comes to our senses.

God is with us each and every day of the year, my friends.




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