around the world

December 11, 2019

The temperatures dropped significantly yesterday, and we’ve moved into that season of frigid winter air. I made everyone, myself included, go outside to get some sunshine. Everyone’s been looking a little sickly around here, and the kids have been taking turns with a course, hacking cough. The smaller they are the more worried I tend to get about coughs. The daytime can trick you. They might be coughing, and pale, and have that sicklier look that comes with the light gray bags under their eyes, but they’re walking around and playing fine until nighttime. That’s when the coughs often tend to get worse.

I got a package shipped off to my grandparents today. While the sick kids rested, the healthy kids worked on school and helped me wrap the presents now headed for Florida.  It wasn’t much, but hopefully something to say we miss you, we love you, and we’re thinking about you. They live with my aunt and uncle in what is now their retirement home, and we made sure we included a set of Disney puzzles that the two of them could hopefully enjoy. My uncle is a retired pharmacist and hospital head, and my aunt is a retired registered nurse. They’re retired but still have plenty of work right now.


December 12, 2019

Two of the kids had piano lessons today. The past month or so it seems someone has missed because of being sick. I like them to be able to rest when they can and I’m thankful the piano teacher has been so flexible and understanding. While I’m not completely ready to leave all of the kids home alone together without us, they’re old enough to stay home with dad in his office. One has pretty much been horizontal on the couch, falling asleep off and on throughout the morning. The other one is coughing much more productively, thankfully, instead of with that stuck and tight wheezing sound.

We’ve got our Christmas gathering for co-op tomorrow. Back in the later summer when we planned this, I had the feeling that realistically it’s better just not to schedule things in December. Kids get sick and December days just seem to fill up without you trying. I didn’t want to be a total killjoy though. So here we are supposed to do Matins, have a one-hour session about Christmas Around the World, and then go caroling at the nursing home. I’m presenting on the USA, Greenland, and maybe Denmark or Finland. I’m also bringing my nativity set from Zaire, which is now the Democratic Republic of Congo.




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