little things

The high school had a snow day on Monday, so we did too. I’m basically just going through the motions over here, fully immersed in preparations for Christmas.  I’m alternating between helping with schoolwork, finishing up the last of the gift purchasing, and putting together a vague to-do and to-buy list for the rest of the Advent/Christmas food activities (cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning, Uncle Glenn coming over for supper Friday, etc). I am also hoping to get a faint idea as to what to have for supper through Christmas and go shopping for those groceries in the next day or two.

The kids are feeling better and I am thankful for that. They still look paler than normal to me, but it is winter now, and it does take time to recover from illness. They were all well enough today to go down to main camp and help dad move the mattresses into the two newer cabins where the mice can’t get them. After that he took them sledding on the big hill. While they were doing that I took a twenty minute power nap, and then probably another fifteen minute awake nap, before heading out to find a watch for my father-in-law, buy nails for one of the kids’ stockings, then picking up our son from school. It’d been a little while since I’d seen him drive, so when we got to the usual spot on the route, I stopped the van in the middle of the snow covered road, traded places, and rode home.



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