family time

The weather is so warm it feels like March. While the kids played with toys and my husband restored a bit of order to the kitchen, I enjoyed a nice walk with a friend this morning. The house is it’s usual post-Christmas self, and I’ve done this enough times that I know this drill, this state of the house being. The boys had parked their new Lego sets in the schoolroom where they slept. That way they’d be ready for when they woke up.

I always feel a little weak and exhausted after Christmas. My daughter has spent the day on the couch with a fever, and the boys are currently running around outside. Tonight we head over to my in-law’s house for a game night with the cousins. Our kids and two nieces got games this year from the aunts and uncles. Instead of exchanging gifts this year with my husband’s sister and her husband, we decided to go out for a double-date some evening during the time they are visiting. I think this will be a fun new tradition.

There have been two deaths in my husband’s side of the family this Christmastime. First his aunt passed away in the middle of the December, and just today her ex-husband died after being in the hospital for over a month. She hasn’t been at the past several family holidays and dinners, and had been somewhat estranged from her mother and siblings. She’d been to our house two of the past three Christmases to teach my daughter and I the ways of their tradition of making poppy seed bread. Last year we ran out of days before Christmas, but this year I’d blocked out the whole day of the 23rd as open. Elianna and I baked bread that day, for gifts, and in loving memory of our passed Aunt Donna.





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