blessed by God

Happy New Year, friends.

It feels good to be back at the beginning of a year. We had a family filled week between Christmas and New Year’s, and I’ve today reached the place where I can finally rest my eyes. I don’t have a ton of New Year’s goals or resolutions, though my sister and I are planning on starting Whole 30 together on Monday. I’ve read about Whole 30 and implemented certain aspects into my life here and there at various times, but I’ve not had a Day 1 connect to Day 30. To no end I unofficially dabble in interests, and splash around in various ponds, but I’m this person who doesn’t officially do anything.

I stay in the background and watch from afar. The piano stares from my living room, every day, and the music inside me goes unplayed.  We don’t talk to each other.

What’s that thing you’ve always wanted to do?

I’ve never read all the way through the Bible, but I’m officially burnt-out on reading these days. Perhaps you could say I’ve lost my appetite. I haven’t been reading or reading aloud, but this morning while driving I listened to a podcast on the first two chapters of 1 Samuel.  Nothing in particular jumped out at me, but I did notice that Hannah was twice misunderstood, each time by a man, and that the woman, the other wife who did understand her, cruelly used that understanding to Hannah’s sorrowed disadvantage.

And yet blessed was the mother of Samuel, Amen?

Dear friends, aren’t we all?

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