ch’s and clocks

The transition from the holidays back to school life is going well. We’ve got a guest bed downstairs in the school room now, and it feels so nice to just be fully present and on my belly with each of the little boys on either side of me. Math and reading, Sam and Pam.

I did have a moment of brief overwhelm, when the re-realization hit me that focusing on school for several hours in the morning adds up to quite a few hours that are not being spent on other things like cleaning, decluttering, and general home maintenance. I really don’t know how to explain this to anyone else who hasn’t lived it, but a group of people living in a house adds up to a lot of stuff and a continual need for basic home upkeep.

The internet has helpful learning resources available for free. I didn’t want to introduce screen time into school life until I felt the kids had gotten a strong enough handle on the old-school ways of pencil and paper. I felt like this was a good time to introduce typing lessons and Khan Academy for things like math, testing, and basic computer use practice. When we’re done with our downstairs work in the schoolroom, we’ve been heading upstairs to the kitchen table with two computers going while I’m working on lunch.

There are currently papers all over our living room floor from the reintroduction of Story of the World. We did book one in this series two years ago, and the kids loved it. I liked it, but by the end I’d grown bored of the neutral nature of the stories and writing style. I regret now not jumping right back into book 2 again last year. I copy the maps and/or coloring sheet, and the kids listen and color while I read with the Celtic music. The music helps me get into it more, and almost makes it feel like we’re off on a quest.



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