forgiving the past


This feels like a season of letting go of old baggage. This seems to be an ongoing process in life, because this sure isn’t the first time I’ve needed to “let go”. But at I’m this point again where I’m honestly just tired of carrying around the same old thoughts and issues in life. There have been difficult seasons and traumatic events, defining moments that have shaped the way I think and live. I’m talking about the negative experiences.

It isn’t any particular person I’ve been mad at, but life itself that I’ve been mad at. It was life’s fault for all these terrible things that happen. It was life’s fault for ruining me and my love for life. It was life’s fault for making the human being’s life on this earth so terrible.

Oh and I know exactly how these things work. We deal with our crap–and right on time!–because God in some mysterious way is using this to prepare us for whatever further crap lies ahead in our life. Ugh! I can’t continue on with such an ominous “fear” of God.

I love God and He sets us free from our chains.

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