whole30 week one

It’s become a tradition to make cinnamon rolls for the kids Christmas morning. This tradition was inspired by a cookbook I bought from one of our old school’s book fairs. The recipe called to make your own dough, but I always used store-bought canned cinnamon rolls. I was not in a season of life where making dough seemed realistic.

This year we wanted to try something different. I thought we were in a place where making out own dough might be a fun project to work on. We told this to the nice older lady who works part time in the camp office, and she suggested we try the Pioneer Woman cinnamon roll recipe. I had just received a Christmas Pioneer Woman magazine from my friend Norma, and in the magazine was her recipe for cinnamon rolls.

We tested it out and decided it would work. The one thing we weren’t keen on was the frosting. We kept it in the fridge anyway in case we didn’t end up finding something different. One of the pre-Christmas grocery items included two cans of cinnamon rolls to have on hand just in case the other ones didn’t turn out. We made the dough up on Christmas Eve, and they were ready to bake Christmas morning. We ended up using the frosting that came along. with the store bought rolls. They turned out beautifully.

The Whole 30 program claims to help with changing your “relationship with food.” Before I even started this, one of the things I noticed about not eating gluten was that it eliminated the foods that I experience guilt with.  For example, I could have a wonderful cinnamon roll experience prior to eating them, but even after saying, “I’ll only have two”, I will eat the two, and then start thinking, “I shouldn’t have eaten these.” It is great to have relief from the feelings of guilt, but I still very often think about these foods.

I want food to be a source of enjoyment. I always thought it was weird when you’d see these cook women on tv and they’d talk about how much they looooooooved food. I didn’t think I loved food, at least not like that. But I’m thinking now that I actually do, I love food.  I love warm bread with butter, and hot apple pie. I love brownies with only a small scoop of ice cream. I love oatmeal, waffles, and Cracker Barrel pancakes. My sister and I keep each other in the loop, texting daily about what we are eating. It is very, very true what the tv cooks say.  Food brings us together, and that is what I love most.

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