whole30 week two

When my daughter and I got home from swimming, Dad had all four boys ready to head down to the lake. I normally go to the Y by myself, but I invited my daughter along in case she was looking to do something different. More than the younger kids, preteens seem to get bored after awhile, like they’re just beginning to sense, and really wonder, what other options are out there in life. The boys waited for us girls to eat lunch, and then we bundled up in our gloves and snow pants to join them. I went along, not because I particularly wanted to, but because I thought it’d be good for me somehow.


Again, after lunch today we made it outside, this time just the four kids and me.  I admit that my main reason for this was to do something active since I wasn’t going to try and squeeze in the Y today. It was 25 degrees when we left the house, so not too bad considering the single digits and teen temps from the previous days. We stayed out a lot longer than I planned to, and diverged from the course I’d outlined at the beginning. Because of that we ended up taking the prayer trail, and from the prayer trail we could see from a whole woods length away, that not only had the creek overflowed from the frighteningly high river, but the earthen floor of the woods was now covered in ice.


I let them walk along the crunchier shallow parts, but didn’t let them anywhere near the moving creek. I tried to tell them that sometimes amazing things in life are meant to be witnessed, seen, appreciated, and admired, but not necessarily fully experienced.


Week two of Whole30 could be summed up with my main thoughts being, “Okay, well, that was fun. Moving on…” The book says week two is the week when most people quit and I can say I can definitely see why that’s true. There’s nothing wrong with the food you’re eating, you’re just ready to go back to things you’re not eating. Social settings seem to be the most difficult to “stick to it”, and there have been several times, the barely attended church potluck for example, where I tried to make the most Whole30 compliant choices with what was there and didn’t worry about the dairy in the white sauce.


I want to stick with it though, so into the waffle-less protein-rich breakfasts of week three it is. Thankfully the carb cravings have greatly subsided. I never got hangry like they mentioned, but I felt dry-mouthed and thirsty, and thought about certain foods all the time. I probably have more thoughts about all this somewhere, but I’m also just living my regular life, where I don’t always take the time for deep or detailed introspection.




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