whole30 week three

I’ve been listening to a lot of Youtube videos at night. Back in November, one of my friends told me she’d been on a strictly carnivore diet for several months, and that it seemed to be slowly working to heal gut health issues she’s struggled with for years. With the exception of hearing about Jordan Peterson’s daughter, Mikailia, I’d never heard of anyone following a carnivore diet, but it seems to be gaining in popularity.

The carnivore diet consists of animal foods. Any animal that you can kill and eat for meat would be considered acceptable, although red meat seems to be the most popular and sought out choice. Along with the muscle meats, some carnivores regularly incorporate organ meats, consuming animal organs like the heart, liver, and kidneys.

When I was pregnant with my youngest, I craved canned salmon in the first trimester. I can remember sitting in our kitchen, in a Sesame Street kiddie chair, eating salmon straight from the can. Obviously I was needing fatty acids or something. I don’t find myself craving salmon anymore, but when we do eat it the best part to me is the skin.

All this to say, it makes sense to me how this diet could be healing.  I can’t go back and change it now, but looking back on how I’ve fed myself over the past fifteen years, red meat has been nowhere near the top of the list. Of course there were the general health recommendations against it, but I also didn’t like red meat because it was bloody.

I haven’t gone full-blown carnivore or anything, but for most of this Whole30 I’ve eaten red meat everyday, multiple times a day, mostly in the form of hamburger patties. It feels like my body is basically absorbing it, and I’m actually starting to crave hamburger now. I have no idea what the insides of my intestines or arteries look like right now, but I’m feeling good with the increased meat, which I’ll also eat with eggs, avocado, or squash.




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