on the prairie


We’ve seen the sun a little more over the past several days. Winter is typically cloudier here, but it seems like it’s been a cloudier winter this year. Between our daily school work during the weekdays, occasional trips into town, legos, local library books and movies, and a warm shelter with plenty of food, cabin fever thankfully hasn’t harried us too much. I have though quietly missed the sun, and enjoyed the time we had together during his latest brief visit. The boys were happy also to bundle up and play outside.


Here’s something I just realized–the boys got dressed for the snow by themselves. What a ridiculous way to say it, but I believe it’s true that God recycles. He takes something that seems so inefficient and not worth all the puddles and effort, like putting boots, hats, and gloves on little boys when they want to go outside and play in the snow, and turns it into boys finding and putting on their own boots, hats, and gloves. It’s a miracle, friends.


The geese have started flying back

and even through wind, rain, sleet, and snow

the oak trees never lost their leaves.


Whatever kind of tree you are

I’m hoping, friends, your days are blessed.


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