on joy instead


This week has been haphazard in terms of getting things done. Between the snow day last Friday and President’s Day Monday, the school week didn’t get off to it’s usual start. My daughter was away for a week with my in-laws, and Wednesday morning school time was used to drop off my son at school and then go pick my daughter up. The first thing my daughter and I did upon seeing each other was embrace for a long hug. It was great to be together again, as my heart had missed her very much.

We had company over for supper this past Tuesday. A pastor’s family recently moved to town from a nearby circuit. The wife and I had already met and been getting together off and on over the past year, but now that she is no longer an hour away, I’m hoping to make a semi-regular thing of getting together. They’ve also joined our homeschool group for the time being, along with another pastor’s family who does still live about an hour away. The fellowship was wonderful and natural, with no awkwardness at all.


I’ve been pondering my years as a stay-at-home/homeschooling mom. I mentioned before how I’ve been realizing how much I’ve myself to a standard that God has not asked of me. It has been the world’s standard. How much is out there these days about “deep work”, efficiency, and getting things done? If I could just do this, if I could just be that–then I could get to where it is I’m supposed to be! I’ve thought the path of humility was to force myself, train myself, and beat myself up for being something I’m not.

Turns out, wouldn’t you know, God is doing a perfectly fine job with the training! And how exceedingly kind He is, that He lets me do it in the all ways that He chooses. God is good, friends, and the Gospel of Christ has set us free in a way that truly does touch our everyday lives. The world has no other way to reach perfection, or to even get close. But God is not asking perfection from us, nor is our definition of perfection without flaws. I’m just over all the pressure to get to a certain point when God has given me joy instead.


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