blood, sweat, tears

The four kids and I took a trip up to visit my parents yesterday. We met up with my sister and her four kids and made a field trip out of going to visit my brother and sister-in-law at their local pizza business. We also got to see my youngest brother and my youngest sister who is now a junior in high school. My mom had a cake for all the recent kid birthdays. It was fun.

I spent a lot of time thinking about my oldest son yesterday. We left at six in the morning, so I didn’t see him before he would get up to leave for school. We wouldn’t get back until later that night, so I wouldn’t be there to hear about how his first day of baseball practice had gone. I wrote him a note before we left, just wanting to acknowledge his first day of practice.

Choosing the words were not as easy as I thought. “Good luck on your first day of practice today!” I did say that, but surely I couldn’t leave it there? What does “luck” mean anyway, and do we even believe in such a thing?

I asked my husband what to write. He said tell him to work hard.

Got it.

Well, that was good and true. Once those words came out it wasn’t hard to tack on a few others like, “have fun”, “be safe”, “be respectful to your coaches and be a good team player and a good friend to others.”

Okay, but now that was too much law.

“I’m proud of you no matter what!”, I thought.

But was I? Could I write those words in good conscience and have them be completely true? Would I really be proud of him no matter what? I could think of several things right away that would not make me proud. Very specifically, I meant whether or not he played or sat the bench. I decided this was true, and worth the risk. Love is the oft the under and underappreciated force.

“I’m proud of you no matter what!”

The rest flowed easily, right from the heart.

“I love you very much and you’re in my prayers!”

2 thoughts on “blood, sweat, tears

  1. My two middle kids, 23 & 21, are repeating classes in community college that they have failed once or twice. I thought about the proud thing and how to encourage them… I realized what I am proud of, is their determination to go back and try again. They are making their education their own. I am so proud of them for this.

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