about face

We’re reaching the point of the homeschool year where the kids and I experience a division of energies. After relying on habit to get us through the winter, I now see the end-of-the-year finish line up ahead and want to finish the year strong. The kids see the sun and are ready to play outside.

I’m tired, too. This is just the way it is this time of the year for me, and also with being a mom, I suppose. They’re ready to saw wood, dig holes, paint planks, and build bridges, and I feel like I need the long nap I never took.

We’ll manage. I laugh now thinking about the time a few years ago when I threatened the two older boys with having to go to school. I generally have tried over these years to speak positively about school, both to respect my children’s past, and to respect their possible future. I’m not against school.

But I am pro-childhood. It’s a joy to watch my children grow, day by day, and little by little. I do hope someday we can all look back and see that this was one of the greatest gifts homeschooling gave us, the gift of a childhood.

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