in the margins

Writing gets me out of bed in the morning. I’ve said this to my husband every morning for the last several weeks, half-way as a joke and as a way to make fun of the question, “What’s that thing that gets you out of bed?” you hear whenever people talk in books or podcasts about finding your passion. The other half is simply the stark truth. When that alarm goes off and the first thought I have is, “I can write now”, I’m instantly up and moving.

Yesterday morning began with one of the boys dry heaving off the side of his bed. We haven’t had any major stomach bugs during this latest 7-month sickness season that begins in October and goes until April. There does seem to be at least one of us who ends up on the couch with a bucket for a day. By the end of the day he was up and playing and asking for food.

Another one has a cough and fever. Two sick kids was enough for me to call-off my daughter’s 13th birthday dinner plans to go to Cracker Barrel with my in-laws. We were already down one brother whose baseball practice had been rescheduled for the evening instead of after school. My focus with coughs is encouraging them to cough and take deep breaths.

When my husband and daughter left after the impromptu beef stew for home supper, I took the boys out for a quick trip into town. I told them they could bring a movie. They stayed in the van and watched Aquaman while I ran into Walgreens for girl birthday wrapping paper and the grocery store for cat food, first aid supplies, and items for today’s birthday dessert.

I’m feeling scattered this week, just like last the haphazardness I mentioned in the week before. I thought at first it was the week, but now I’m realizing it’s the season. Winter is ending and spring is “just around the corner”. We had a two-day rendezvous with maple tree tapping and making syrup. Groups are back in the camp buildings and I’ve had two recent times of cooking, shopping, and planning meals for those. Thankfully I’ve not been doing this alone. We combine the shopping trips with a practice pick-up or a Kumon trip for my other son. My daughter comes with me to the kitchen.

I actually meal planned for our family this week, at least for the suppers. Weekly meal-planning is by far the way to go for me. Every time I do it it very much simplifies life and helps me to feel a little more on top of things. The high school has a late start on Wednesdays so that gives me time to make a sit down breakfast. It’s time for something warm and and sweet.

2 thoughts on “in the margins

  1. What! What!!!! She is 13???? NO! She’s 6! She can’t be older than that!!!! Miss seeing your kids grow! Happy birthday to Elianna!!!

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