It’s been a sobering past couple of days. I’m still trying to process the latest local and nationwide coronavirus news which includes the shutting down of IL schools statewide for the next two weeks. Official word came out of the local news tonight that our area hospital now has two confirmed cases.

It takes a while for everyone to unify on these things. I think the time for toilet paper jokes has ended, and we all need to realize nonchalance is not courage, nor is taking action acting in fear. I don’t want to panic, or blow anything out of proportion. Nobody wants to be the boy who cried wolf.

For now though I’m planning on taking this seriously. About a week and a half ago one of my brothers sent out a text to all of the siblings telling us that if we weren’t already, we needed to start paying attention to coronavirus news. I’m glad he did because I wasn’t paying attention before.

I am now though, friends, and hope you are too.

Let’s keep these evolving situations in our prayers.

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