thinking it through

More closings have taken place here in our state. Effective on Tuesday, bars and restaurants will be closed until the end of the month. Drive-thru and take-out orders are still allowed, but the public dine-in areas will be closed. The school closings were originally set to begin this Tuesday, allowing teachers to get their students set up with online learning, but this evening we got word via an email from the principal that they were cancelling the original Monday plans to have the students attend a day of school.

I felt relieved by the Monday cancellation, as well as briefly teary and sad. This week was supposed to be the start of the boys season baseball games, and that had been something we were all looking forward to. All of that is put off for now, and it was yet another reminder of how quickly our lives can change in a few days. I’m thankful that God is in charge and not me.

The human plan is to stay home for now. I’ve started a list of things I want to get the next time someone goes out to the store. The last time I was out I picked up a ham and bag of potatoes. I am used to going to the store over the weekend, and even though there’s food in the pantry right now, we’re already low on things like cheese and eggs. I’ve switched over for the time being to a rationing mindset, not necessarily per person, but with what and how much I use in a meal. I’m stretching things out and using them slowly.

I’ve spent too much time on social media lately. That waiting around for the next new update, the next new development, the latest news out of Italy, feels like the only way to know what’s going on, as if to know what’s going on is the highest good of a person’s life. I don’t know what’s going on with current events or with things to come. The call is then to trust in God.

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