solid oaks

An inner peace returned around four in the morning. I’d been awake in bed since 3AM, and when it didn’t seem like I’d be falling back asleep, I got up and started sorting out the cabinet underneath the bathroom sink. When that was finished I moved to scrubbing the tub and shower.

This day felt a little more normal than these past ones. It seemed like a time for a fresh routine, which meant nothing more than writing out the structure of our days on the dining room chalk board. This quarantine thing is normal life, with the exception of all this talk about a virus now surrounding it. At least this was something everyone could see.

There were no major updates that I am aware of, other than that the church pastors and elders decided to cancel services for the next two weeks. The high school also, instead of having teachers work from school, sent them home. This still is very surreal to me. There’s the world I live in here, and the world I live in there, but now these worlds have somehow mixed.

I pray you all are doing okay* out there, friends. I’ve definitely been doing a lot more texting and checking in with family and friends. It’s been two days and I have yet to hear back from the neighbor across the road. Maybe she got a new number, and it’s been so long since we’ve talked I wouldn’t know.

(*okay is a certainty when we’re in God’s hands)

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