shift and keep going

It’s been such an odd Lent, that I’ve basically forgotten we were even here. Yesterday was Palm Sunday. We spent the morning not in church, but in the living room. It was supposed to be my daughter’s confirmation, but the handmade invitations she planned to make were never even started. This past week I wasn’t out shopping for confirmation party food. She’d requested rosemary garlic potatoes, and I did still end up making those.

Hosanna doesn’t have an exclamation point this year. There’s been a lot of spiritual content offered up into the internet, some of it I’ve read and some of it I haven’t. I haven’t felt filled with or hungry for words. God right now is like that special tree you go and sit by just to be there. You do not have to say anything. You lean against the tree and rest, and hosanna becomes like the unlabored breath. In, “Hosanna”. Breathe out, “Hosanna”, and now, I take it back. For the breaths which now labor we do shout, “Hosanna!”

It’s an over-quoted verse, but I’m finding a lot of power right now in the words, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” This is our inheritance as sons of God, and how true it is that however unprepared we were, we have been thoroughly equipped.

It’s not always obvious as life plays out, but somewhere there’s a line that’s drawn where those human base survival instincts go from something to be thankful for to something to be repenting of. I’ve been fixated, driven, and unstoppable one minute, and then, at other times, I suddenly feel convicted. I’m running after all the things Jesus told me not to worry about, all the things, that has a mom, fill my normal day-to-day life. The truth is, as Christians, the flesh is not our guiding force. I’m thankful these days to have something to do, to have that crystal clear clarity of vocation to fall back on.

We started school back up again last week. This week I feel much more able to focus, to bring out the ruler, the yard stick, and manipulatives and thoroughly explain the math. It’s on my list to get next year’s school books ordered and stored. My husband has his Holy Week sermons and readings recorded and is currently trying to upload them to Facebook. What an odd time, friends. May love and peace be with you in these days that are His.

2 thoughts on “shift and keep going

  1. Times. They are a changing. These are hard days for everyone right now. A member of Trinity made & donated wooden yard crosses so even though we can’t be together for Easter we’re “together” with our crosses! The 6 ft tall wooden cross in my yard gives me hope for brighter days! Keep the hope Rebekah! God is with us! Our ever present help in time of need!! We need Him now! Love and hugs from New Minden!!

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