making the most

We’re around a month into the oatmeal packet era. Sam’s let up on their limits of oatmeal boxes, so we’re now able to purchase two boxes at a time.

This has become their routine in the morning. Whichever little boy is the first one up sets the table with spoons and bowls, and then goes downstairs to play with Legos. When all the others are awake, someone heats up water in the teapot and they pass it around to pour the water into their bowls. It makes me happy to watch from afar. I will still make the two bigger kids eggs, but I don’t have much to do with the breakfast set up or cleanup.

Food seems to be what we look forward to most, or at least one of the things. After a month of eating a lot potatoes and cabbage with sausage, I decided to go with something more normal this week. So far this week I’ve tried two new recipes, one for a fish sticks sandwich with tartar sauce and thousand island dressing, and the other was a spinach artichoke dip to try and use up the quickly browning mixed greens. Both were actually pretty good. The secret to the fish stick sandwiches was the bread. You need a thicker, crustier loaf that can handle the volume of all those dips. It was a $1.99 Italian loaf from Aldi, which notably did not upset my stomach.

Last week felt more difficult personally. There was definitely some “funk” behavior going on. I don’t even want to try to write it all out because I’m so tired of dwelling on my thoughts and my feelings. I feel like I’m having to push back hard against feeling depressed, to resist the temptation to lay down in the thick, shin-deep mud, curl up with my pillow and blanket, and go to sleep. The mud is gross, squishy, and wet, but at least it’s not cold.

My goal for today is to be engaged. I’ve spent a lot of time on Youtube lately watching large family grocery hauls, canning, and gardening videos. My husband tilled up a small plot with the tractor where I’m hoping to plant some spudding potatoes. I’ve got about four dozen left from last fall. My father-in-law got his planted last month, but I figure better late than never. I like the idea of taking what we have and then doing something with it.

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