while we can

It’s snowing this morning and supposed to be rainy all day tomorrow. We’ve had some warmer days this spring, but after a winter of mostly grey, the blue skies shockingly disguise the cold. I love the snow for being honest.

I guess you could say it’s spring cleaning time here. Everyone helped clean out the second downstairs storage closet. This was an area of the house I never truly organized when we first moved in. There still remain two tubs in there, each three-fourths full, of my favorite baby and toddler clothes.

Spring delights with months of changes, and more than any season, teaches patience. We wait on the weather and wait for the seeds to emerge from the ground. Even then, they’ve got a long way to go before reaching the harvest.

I’m not going to pretend to know much about farming, but will turn your attention back to the weather, of which spring, of all seasons, teaches us to live one day at a time, to love and give thanks in every day as it comes.

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