Christmas and Easter

Everybody dressed up for Easter. We put on our Sunday church clothes and gathered around the television for church. After that we took the obligatory family picture outside. Last Christmas I bought a phone stand with a tiny handheld remote for us to take our Christmas picture. It was somewhere around fifteen bucks, which I will say was definitely worth it.

I don’t suppose it does any good to wonder what Christmas is going to look like this year, but the thought has crossed my mind several times. Last year we talked about doing something different, like waiting until the trees were $5 at the local grocery store before bringing one home. When I was out at the store this past week, I walked past the toy section and wondered whether or not I ought to go ahead and start picking up a few presents.

I didn’t buy presents, but I did buy food to have on hand that I could use for both Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners if need be. If you can do without a fresh ham or turkey, you can pull an entire holiday meal out the pantry. Believe it or not we have never owned a deep freezer. The parsonage had one in the basement which we used, but once we moved I just never felt the need for one, and still don’t. Speaking of the past, I especially miss the food that people used to give us there. It was and still is, a tremendous blessing.

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