the time being

Our governor announced that next week he plans to extend our shelter-in-place order to go until May 30th. The rationale given for this action was because the cases in our state, originally predicted to peak in April, are now expected to peak in mid-May. Modifications will allow hospitals to have elective surgeries once again. Retail stores can be open for pick-up and delivery. Face coverings will also be required in public indoor places.

I’m not one to express my opinions on such things, partly because I don’t know what to think about them. The numbers + limitations don’t add up to me. I don’t much trust the main stream media, but the alternate news sites can be their own kind of “off” and out of touch with reality. When H1N1 was going around there were people saying this was part of President O’s plan to bring in mandatory vaccinations and usher in the mark of the beast.

That didn’t happen. I’m not saying it couldn’t happen ever, but just that whatever is happening right now, it isn’t happening outside of God’s control. God is in control, and I find comfort in that. Whatever evil that exists in the world will be avenged. Whatever suffering we experience in this life will not last. The sorrows, the lingering pangs of unrighteousness, the tears we know now will one day be wiped away and gone forever.

The longer this goes on, the more it brings change to the life that I know. As of yet, these shut-downs have not had much immediate effect on my day-to-day life. I have actually felt at least 10x more productive than usual. There’s always something to do in the house. I’ve enjoyed shopping for, stocking up on, and preparing food for my family. I’m trying new things like planting potatoes, canning pork, and fermenting my excess garlic in honey.

When we moved here and started homeschooling, there were two major things that stood out to me as essential things my kids needed to know how to do in this life: to work and to sing. I always felt bad that their dad and I didn’t have more useful hands-on skills to teach them. My husband and I did have this in common however, and that was our willingness to do the dirty, low-man on the totem pole jobs, to sweep the floor and dig the holes.

I taught my daughter how to play Amazing Grace on the guitar, which is something I learned to do at camp. We’ve been singing it through most school days since this started. I’d always wanted to incorporate hymns into our homeschool day, but I never regularly did it until now. The next one I want to learn and teach them is My Hope is Built on Nothing Less, not the slow one, but the fast one. The songs will get us through, my friends.

One thought on “the time being

  1. I wonder if we will look back on this time with regret. Regret that we didn’t enjoy each moment slowed a little, the important things in our lives more vibrant, the “essentials” we are finding we can love without … I wonder why we want to escape this moment in our lives so quickly. 🙂

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