when it rains

This feels like a post where I might end up saying something crass that I shouldn’t. As much as I planned on checking out of the news and earthly plagues for a while, telling myself I’d sit this latest round of media brainwashing out, here I am thinking about what’s going on in the news.

Two and a half months ago they were talking about flattening the curve and celebrating front line health care and grocery store heroes. Christians began discussing whether or not staying home and shutting down churches were ways we ought to be loving our neighbors. After a while people were arguing about whether or not it was right to be protesting stay-at-home orders and closing down people’s businesses and livelihoods. That was keeping us plenty busy until the news threw out a piece of bloody steak.

Now, isn’t it sweet, here we are having heart-to-hearts about racism. It’s not that I don’t care about wrongs, I do. That it’s being talked about isn’t what bothers me. What bothers me is these conversations only seem to happen when the latest video comes out telling us it’s time to start talking about it.

What others meant for evil, God can use for good, that’s fine. Let’s pray for that then, and when we’re praying for justice, we mean that we’re praying not for evil to befall another person, but we’re praying for God to set things right. We need to be seeking God right now, friends. Forces such as the ones at work cannot be quelled by human strength. We’re not going to be able to talk, listen, empathize, understand, or reform our way out of this one.

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