seeing what happens

So far the deer have stayed away from my plants. We have the stuff to put up a fence if need be, but I don’t want to erect an eyesore if I don’t have to. I like the deer, who’ve got plenty of food and grass around here. One thing I’m looking forward to in the new heavens and the new earth is petting and kissing the face of a deer, like you do right now with a cat, dog, or horse.

The sweet potato slips have been in the ground about a week. They came nearly a week and a half later than I’d planned, and arrived as rootless stems with a handful of wilted, dried out leaves. I wasn’t expecting them to be so bare. I’ve been watching Youtube videos from Deep South Homestead, where Danny grows the slips himself. His slips have roots, are dark green, and full of leaves. These came with a paper describing exactly what I saw and assured me these would grow once they’d been planted, watered, and given time to recover from the trauma of their harvest and travel. It’s been an evening family event to keep them watered these past several days.

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Yesterday we planted the pumpkin patch. It didn’t end up going in the volleyball court, but is off to the side of the two potato fields. I like that everything is all together out there. It makes it fun to visit and tour.

The kids and I also started pulling up radishes. I wish they would eat them, but at least it’s been fun to watch them grow. These are all closer to the house in the raised beds, where I’m also waiting to see if the beets will come up. I moved most of my herbs to the back of the house where they won’t be quite so scorched by the sun. It’s all experimental, but I consider the raised beds to be more educational than practical. Cabbage, flowers, strawberries, and tomatoes, with a row or two of purple green beans. There’s a purple cauliflower and two or three kale seeds that, on the second try, sprouted.

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