watering the weeds

As long as it’s not 100 degrees, I feel like we need to be working outside. Not all the time, but at least putting effort toward keeping up with the watering and weeding. Today the kids and I went out to weed the cucumber and squash areas. It looked like someone had planted a thick lawn of grass there. Because the ground is so dry right now from the full-sun heat and lack of rain, hoeing has been like chipping at a dusty piece of slate.

We watered the grass and weeds to soften up the top layer of dirt. This made it ten times easier to clear away the grass. The pumpkin patch we planted almost a week ago has yet to show anything. I’ve talked to several experienced gardeners who’ve said they’ve had issues with their garden seeds not coming up this year. My two rows each of beets and green beans only resulted in four plants coming up. A friend said hardly any of their beans came up either. My sister, three hours north of us, told me the garden she’s sharing with her elderly and 40+ years of gardening in-laws had three rows of sweet corn where only five seeds came up. This seems odd to me.

During piano lessons today, I went to the store and bought more seeds. I bought mostly hybrid seeds this time, as I’ve not been that happy with the heirloom seeds I bought online. We’re getting past the point of planting seeds here, but if the pumpkins don’t come up by the end of the week, I’m replanting them. It’ll be a brighter October with orange balls all around.

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