summer solstice

We were grateful to God when the clouds rolled in and it rained this afternoon. We’d been waiting to see if the 70% chance of thunderstorms would amount to an afternoon relief from our duties. It’s been slow but viewable growing in the sweet potato field. The daily watering is keeping them alive, has caused most of them to go from bare slips to stems with a few healthy dark green leaves, but I wouldn’t say they’ve taken off yet.

The soil they are growing in is closer to sand. I’d read that sandy soil was a good place for root vegetables. You’re not supposed to build your house on the sand, but maybe you could plant some rows of sweet potatoes there? I’ve also seen videos of people planting them in car tires, so my husband brought up some old tires for me from a shed. Just to see how they would grow somewhere else, I dug up ten of the slips and moved them over by my backyard herbs, planting them in the tires filled with leaves and dirt.

I’d taken two of the boys with me to buy said dirt at Lowe’s. After we’d gotten six bags of dirt loaded onto the cart, a masked man in his sixties or so came up and asked if I needed help with more bags. He told me he was a marine and didn’t like seeing women struggling like that. I’d gotten the six bags I wanted, and thought the boys and I had actually done pretty well with the lifting, but I felt bad not having anything left for him to help with.

I said to him, sure, I could use two more bags. I would’ve let him load more, but he was going to go back to his vehicle, and I still had to push around now hundreds of pounds worth of dirt on my cart. I thanked him for his help and hoped he felt good for hopefully doing something helpful. Once the boys and I got the cart moving and finally pointed in the right direction, we paid for the dirt and loaded up the bags into the back of the van. They sat in a pile in the backyard until today, when we did something with them.

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