time to plant

It’s taken me a while to warm up to our overgrown, unkempt, and metal fenced in backyard. We’ve lived here four years and are just now starting to use this smaller space behind the house. Last night we hosted my in-laws and sister-in-law and her family. We roasted hot dogs and made smores around the fire pit where we occasionally grill from. I’ve been telling the kids we’re going to make a rocket stove there out of bricks, so with another cooler day, we spent the morning building and experimenting with it.

This afternoon they set up two tents. There was naturally some quarreling over which kids would sleep in what tent, as everyone had preferences on who they wanted and didn’t want to share their tent with. At first I stayed out of it until they asked my advice. Judging by the size of the biggest tent, it looked to me like though it might be a tighter fit, they were all still small enough to sleep in one tent. In the end they decided on a separate tent for sleeping and another tent for playing games. It sounded good to me.

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My daughter and I took up running in mid-March. What began as a way to do something together, strengthen our lungs, and stay active, has morphed into something we now do three mornings a week. We’re currently on our second week of a couch to 5K plan. After months of running here and running there with no intentions, I thought this would give us something structured to follow. My son joined us this morning, as he recently started practicing with the high school cross country team. I’m fine with him practicing and being involved, but with the world still feeling a little unsteady, I told him it’s hard telling what school and sports will look like from here. Unknowns are the reminders that what we’re given is today.

The replanted pumpkin patch started growing within days. I started over with new dirt and new seeds, and in addition to the rain, we made sure to keep the soil watered each day. Every mound now has between three and five pumpkins plants growing, which means even the some of the first seeds have started to grow. I’m thankful for the days of seeing green.

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