pledge and token

This past weekend was such a blessing. Because our state was able to move into “phase 4”, the wedding that had been dropped down to include immediate family only was able to include a group of 50 or less. They told us last month that they were able to include the wedding party again, and that our entire family would be able to come. I did the whole thing women do where you want to make absolutely sure you’re not taking up more space then necessary and keeping out somebody more important. Once it was established that all of us were going, we greatly looked forward to it.

I’ve not had this much fun at a wedding since my brother’s wedding two summers ago, which I think is the last wedding we’ve been to before this one. For 24 hours we set the outside world aside, and there was no such thing as viruses or tragedies. My big kids looked so grown up to me.

I was wrong about every single one of the parents crying, at least during the wedding part. The only one who unmistakably cried was the groom. The only time I momentarily lost it was when one of my boys was struggling to make it through The King of Love My Shepherd Is without tears. Beauty is just one of those things that touches, burns, hurts, scars, and heals a person.

Thank you, Lord, for letting us be part of Your Day.

God’s blessings on your marriage, dear ones.

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