in knowing myself

Today was one of those days I had to force myself to look in the mirror and put some darn earrings in. This only happened after a morning of slow progress, overwhelm, and procrastination with housework and room-cleaning. Messy rooms trigger despair for some reason, despair over having to befriend myself to remind myself once more that this too shall pass.

I talked myself out of going to the store to buy paint and a new bedspread. I’ve noticed I tend to do certain things backwards, what people might refer to as putting the cart before the horse. If I had left the house and done that, by the time I got home it would’ve been time to make supper, and the paint and new bedspread would’ve simply turned into another pile and project.

That only would’ve stressed me out even more, which I was thankful to realize. We’ve had several good weeks here, which make for even messier rooms and backed up laundry. Other than the nights we were away for the wedding, most evenings were spent with visiting family. Before the world got any crazier, we also made a quick mid-week trip to go visit my parents.

Since they’re getting ready to move at the end of the month, my sister had been sorting through pictures. In one of the boxes she’d found my 4th grade elementary school report card. After only one quarter, I was amazed how this teacher so accurately was able to know who I was. Among other good things, she wrote she hopes I find the motivation to finish what I start.

One thought on “in knowing myself

  1. LOL! I’m just the same! I’ve always had a hard time finishing things! But, this week, I forced myself to make some progress. My husband’s birthday is August 18th and I told him that I’m giving him a clean house as a present! Wish me luck.

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