rainbow sightings

It started raining yesterday evening. The kids were playing, my husband was re-caulking our bathroom shower, and I was reading. The five-o-clock hour had come and gone, and with it, I thought, the chance for rain. The raindrops were loud, and it took me a minute to realize what the noise was. From what I could see from where I was sitting, the sun was still out.

I love it when it does this.

I went outside to look for the rainbow, which is usually right above and behind our house on summer evenings. I couldn’t find one, so I looked to the north of the entry way pine trees, where rainbows also are known to appear. In light rains these trees are like gigantic umbrellas, but the drops were so big I was still getting wet, and still I couldn’t find a rainbow.

(Surely you know where this story is going)

I didn’t see it until I was about halfway out across the lawn. It was lighter than I expected, but it was definitely there.

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