on wearing masks

Two of the boys have been asking me about getting a new tube to fix a bike tire, as the original tube had somehow been shredded into several stringy pieces. While two of the kids were in piano lessons, I took the boys to Walmart to look for a tire tube. When we got there one of the entrances was taped off, and everyone was entering and exiting from the same entrance. Like most of the bigger stores have nowadays here, there was an employee at the entrance keeping track of the people going in and the people going out. In the places we go, most people have been wearing a mask since May 1st, which the governor issued as a requirement for indoor public places.

I’ve been wondering lately how long individuals can continue to live peacefully in separate realities. In some cases, they can’t, such as in one of my sister’s Facebook mom groups where the moderators banned the members from posting about masks. Some people think wearing a mask is completely stupid and won’t wear one. Some people think the government is infringing upon their personal rights by mandating people wear a mask. Some people think wearing a mask poses a risk to one’s health. Some people think they might not be protecting themselves but they’re respecting and protecting others by wearing a mask. Some people are taking every precaution to avoid catching this virus, which includes wearing a mask.

Back when the ruling was that masks were unnecessary, I was of the mind that if this was some freaky weird and little known about virus manifesting itself in respiratory symptoms and serious and ICU-worthy bi-lateral pneumonia, then duh, why aren’t we all being told to wear masks, or some kind of covering that creates at least a modest barrier between the respiratory exit/entrance points and the world’s shared air? Not that I think people ought to be told they’ve got to do something, but when we’re talking about an illness we know very little about, people can at least be honestly educated about the various possible precautions for all body parts involved. If it makes sense then who the heck cares if there’s a study on it or not?

There are times in life where you end up needing to go along to get along. At this point that’s what the mask is for me. When we’re heading out the door somewhere, do I like that one of the things I say to my children now is “Has everybody got their mask?” Not really. Did I get momentarily choked up when I got the email saying students returning to school will be required to wear masks and have their temperatures checked daily? Yes I did. While I do think we need at least a full year’s cycle to be able to judge the true seriousness of this much talked about virus, I am still a little bit puzzled and shocked by the “draconian” measures that have been taken against it.

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