middle of things

We’ve reached the point of summer where the kids spend much of their time playing downstairs and I spend a lot of my time working upstairs. As much as I believe in the many years long process of teachings kids to do things for themselves, I sometimes just enjoy the simple solitude of folding laundry, the pleasure of doing something small for someone else.

This doesn’t feel like a time to kick back and relax. I’ve been trying to do something future-oriented every day, be it fertilizing the squash, stocking the medicine cabinet, buying fleece to make the kids blankets for Christmas. Right now JoAnn fabrics is open. With the recent news of California shutting back down, I’m not going to count on it being open sometime later.

Today I’m trying my hand at canning milk. I watched a Youtube video last night, and in this day and age, that’s you’re education and the rest is up to your own effort, trial, and error. Canning sessions do become teachable moments, and one son is affectionately called “my canning buddy”. My daughter also joins to help as she does in many other things around here.

The kids have piano lessons again today, which means I’ll be making another trip to the store. The boys and I never did find a tire tube last week. The bikes were sold out and only a few tubes remained in a size we didn’t need. When I checked out Target later over the weekend, they too were sold out of bikes and most tire tubes. I ordered some online so I wouldn’t forget.

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