music box playing

Today was the funeral for my husband’s grandma, who died last Thursday at the age of 90. She’d been sick and in the hospital and had come home on hospice care. We’d had plans to go see her on Thursday at 3:30, where we knew we’d be there to be saying our goodbye’s. We got the text that she’d passed not long after lunch. I think we were all still surprised by the news.

I went to my husband’s office and arrived at the office door right as he was opening it to come back into the house. He called his mom to see if he could still come by himself if needed, and she said it was fine to go ahead and bring us all. I was in the middle of cooking chicken for canning, and within a minute I had the stove off, broth poured out, and food in the fridge. We got the kids in the van and made the mostly quiet drive to grandma’s house.

Life goes at a pace that’s hard to keep up with at times, at least when it comes to writing about it. God blessed us with beautiful weather today, which made for a pleasant outdoor gathering after the funeral and graveside committal. We enjoyed a meal and the time with all.

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