on loving forward

Anybody else feeling lost in the time?

I keep saying I can’t believe it’s September already, and that we’ve already flown through two weeks of school. It’s my favorite place in the world to be, right there, between the desks, taking turns with the varying math. I look toward the window, and see how another has changed so much, and am proud of him for how he now reads, writes, and assuredly works. And yet still another, so dutiful and studious, also changing and developing, needing challenge and adventure beyond the maps of the Oceans and Continents.

She was given all the provinces and territories of Canada. Nova Scotia, Ontario, I couldn’t tell you at all where they were or what their names are. I printed off an extra map for myself, though I have yet to sit down and fill in the gaps. I’m wondering now what the Canadians do, if their children are required to learn the names and locations of our “Fifty, nifty, United States from thirteen original colonies” like we sang in an elementary concert once.

The oldest comes home, from school and cross country practice after school, with homework and an occasional funny story about his friends. My favorite so far is the student who is having dress code issues with his masks. He showed up with a mask that said “Jesus is my Savior, Trump is my President.” The dress code does not allow masks or clothing with politically charged messages. The teacher kindly told the student he needed to find another mask to wear to school. He asked well what if it was a Biden mask, would he be allowed to keep on then? The teacher said absolutely not. He seemed satisfied with the teacher’s answer, and the next day showed up wearing a mask with a picture of a crown of thorns and the American flag.

Other than a 5-minute listen to an occasional livestream, I’ve stayed away from the politics of late. I used to love the thrill and excitement of these races, the drawn out drama of the presidential elections, the making of history happening before your very eyes, the capital letter being written in a sentence where the whole of what you see is mostly lower-case and small.

It seems too many people have been hurt by it now, whether in 2016 or the even more infamous present 2020. In a groaning universe eagerly awaiting redemption, when lies are told to switch sides with the truth, where human souls must live inside tender realities–our thoughts, words, and deeds are costly, friends, and rightly so. May God grant we might spend them well.

4 thoughts on “on loving forward

  1. “…here human souls must live inside tender realities… ” is a very fine line! And I suspect most Canadians would be sore pressed to name 50 states. So congrats on these achievements by your charges!

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