love set free

“So his fame spread throughout all Syria, and they brought him all the sick, those afflicted with various diseases and pains, those oppressed by demons, epileptics, and paralytics, and he healed them.”
~Matthew 4:24~

It’s been a full week of family life, school, and activities. The big kids started a wilderness skills class on Wednesdays for the month of September. While they did that, I took the little boys over to my father-in-law’s farm, to visit with Papa, his brother who lives there, and my husband’s other grandma.

We’ve got our first co-op meeting of the school year this afternoon. Because of covid restrictions, we’re just going to take turns meetings at our homes for now instead of at church. We’re also not doing any official class time right now, and are focusing more on fellowship and just being together. The plan is to sing through Matins, talk briefly about September 11th while making cards for local fire fighters and medics, and then play in the gigantic sand hole that was dug up a couple of weeks ago. They’ve started a building project out at camp, and we were able to save over $10,000 using volunteer labor and the sand that was already part of the grounds.

We’ve got a birthday party tonight at my in-law’s house, for my husband’s 38th and his grandmother’s 91st. It’s not really a party, but more of a special, humble, evening get-together. Boy do I miss and love people sometimes. Over this past weekend I had some wonderful conversations. They weren’t necessarily about all happy things, but they were rich, vulnerable, hopeful, and joyous. I love to hear about other people’s lives, how God is working through their days and bringing change to their hearts.

This somehow got me thinking about how the politically and socially correct name-dropping rules don’t apply to talking about God or telling people about Jesus. It’s typically discouraged and frowned upon to act like you’re special because you’ve got a story about somebody special. But as people touched by God, those rules, too, have changed. The reason we ever first heard about Jesus is because somebody told somebody who told somebody who told somebody. We have all been made special in Kingdom of Heaven, by this Jesus who is known to leave a mark where He goes.

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