fall break

Come somewhere in October it seems we need a break from school, though it isn’t so much the kids who need it as much as me who does. It’s like I burn through my capacity for being diligent and steadfast, and am ready to just go back to who it is I really am, to put the baby down for a nap, to be free from the fear that somehow, somewhere, I am neglecting somebody’s needs.

The kids are currently watching Tangled. For my husband’s birthday last month he beat me to buying his birthday present and signed up for a one month trial of Netflix. He and the kids had their special showtimes together, but after a month, he decided Netflix was not the way to go. He cancelled Netflix and signed up instead for Disney Plus to watch The Mandalorian.

This week has felt more scattered than usual. We took the extended weekend to visit my parents and siblings, which put us starting school on Tuesday after returning from a lovely trip. This is the advantage of having routines, they are something on which we can rely and fall back on. We had a normal school day on Tuesday then. This school year continues to go well.

Two of the kids had dentist appointments Wednesday morning. After this past August, where after three occurrences, I’d officially cemented my reputation with the local dentist as the person who only brings her kids in when they need a school form or some painful and halfway decayed teeth pulled, I scheduled two kids to have a regular checkup and cleaning.

I put on some nicer clothes for the appointment, held my head high, and decided just to face the initial shame and discomfort from the last time I was there. “You’re back!”, the dentist said, when he saw me sitting in the corner of a cleaning room. “I’m back!”, I said, and settled more comfortably into my chair. I like this dentist, who seems like a normal, everyday person.

We had a playdate this morning, so that was part of our break. The mom and I get along well, and so do the kids. We envisioned getting together for holiday activities, pecan and pumpkin pies for one month, and cookie baking for another. From the comfort of our tea and cozy chairs, we could see the surest loveliness of children gathering around the island counter.

The world continues to spin on. After a milder summer, and beautiful weather here through most of September, the air has taken a noticeable turn towards the windy and cold. Pretty soon we’ll turn the heat on. These are the days when home feels necessary, when you’re thankful for things like ovens, stoves, and hot water heaters, Disney Plus, and stable times.

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