rain or shine

The kids and I went for a walk during school. I’ve tried this year to have a set PE time at 10AM. Obviously on piano days it doesn’t happen, and on Tuesday when I took a little one back to the dentist again it didn’t happen, and basically if there’s any reason for it not to happen it won’t happen. “This is why we set a time”, I said, trying to talk about habits, competing with a following cat for attention. We saw four cats along the way, three of the four coming out of the woods. I had to repeat myself several times.

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And it was lovely as always, as I’ve been trying to enjoy the outside time as I can. Starting on Monday, for the first time since we’ve lived here, there will be deer hunters on the property until the first week of January. To be honest I’ve not been happy about this. I don’t have a problem with people hunting, but I do have a problem with strangers paying money to hunt on this property, which gives them full rights to the land for their paid time.

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So for months now I’ve just been “giving it to the Lord”, when it starts to bother me. I had a good cry about it yesterday and that was it. We cast our burdens on the Lord because the Lord sustains us. I told the kids it’s like going to Aldi and putting all your food from your cart to the counter. You put your burdens up there and let the counter belt carry them away. Obviously the example breaks down at some point, because you still have to push your full cart out the door to the car, but I think they understood.

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My husband helped my daughter map out a running course away from the hunting, which is what we walked this morning during school. I’m proud of her for keeping up with the running, which is something I stopped doing regularly after finishing our couch to 5K this summer. My kids’ running has inspired me to run a mile again every so often, to keep trying in things that I do like doing, and to not give up just because you’ve been doing it awhile.

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